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Fire Rated Rolling Shutter

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Protect the business premises from fire

Fire Rated Rolling Shutters are the physical protectors that can protect the business premises from fire hazards. They provide automatic closing in case of any fire turns up. At Sona Shutters, our fire-rated rolling shutters look and deliver the same function as traditional roller shutters. Only the difference is that the fire-rated shutters are made with fire-resistive material such as Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel. 

Improve your overall fire protection and aesthetics with specialist Fire blinds and fire-rated rolling shutters. Our roller shutters are designed to reduce the spread of smoke and flames throughout a building. We can manufacture the roller shutter according to your particular size requirements.

Sona Shutters is dedicated to providing quality shutter products that are tested to legal fire safety standards from authority organisations in India. Your insurance company will also be happy at your choice of roller shutters, its protection capability and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Why do you need to install fire rated rolling shutter?

Business owners now understand that the damage caused by a fire can be catastrophic, which is why practical steps and protection must be put into place to prevent a fire from spreading throughout a building. Here at Sona Shutters, we can manufacture and install a range of commercial fire-resistant doors and rolling shutters which are suitable for all types of property.

We have supplied these roller shutters to a wide range of commercial businesses and clients, including schools, commercial storage, shopping centres, hospitals, restaurants – as well as in the industrial manufacturing sector.

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