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Gear Operated Rolling Shutters

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Gear Operated Mechanical Rolling Shutters –Economical, Sturdy and Reliable

Our mechanical gear operated shutters and rolling grilles are exceptionally economical for commercial and industrial use. These shutters prove themselves in daily use with the other environmental factors. Our equipment attached rolling shutters, require very little headroom above the structural opening. They roll up compactly behind the lintel.

Sona Shutters is committed to providing a high degree of specialization in rolling shutter and rolling grille construction that goes far beyond reasonable standards. For our committed and experienced team, implementing individual solutions is part of their daily routine. 

The main advantages of gear operated rolling shutters:
  • High level of vandalism and burglary protection
  • Compact, custom installation
  • Internal or external fitting
  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Powder-coated frame and accessories.
  • Low operating cost
  • Perfect design
  • Unmatched quality

It is an ideal choice for retail shops, cafes, restaurants and small industrial units.

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