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Motorized rolling shutters

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Desire meets a new Design: Quality Motorised Rolling Shutters

We are one of the reputed manufacturers of motorized rolling shutter that comes with a variety of operations. The motorized roller shutters entirely work automatically, and if the power goes off, this can also be controlled using the additionally given chain pulley system. The shutter range is too durable and sustainable, motorized shutters come with an electric on/off button, this button is used to make the shutter up and down.

Our roller shutters can be operated with remote functions and motors. Central, Side, Gear mounting motors are also available. Now it doesn’t look like a big task to handle big size roller shutters. Motorized rolling shutters can be controlled from one point easily.

It comes with a robust structure due to the use of high strength metals in the making of slate and guide profile. It works as a protection against burglary, vandalism & storms.

It helps to save your physical energy up to 10% and also helps to keep you away from unwanted things. Motorized shutters can be controlled with a remote or wall mounted controlled switch.

The main features of motorised rolling shutters:
  • One-touch control system with remote control, wall mounted switch, timer or manual operating.
  • Simple to install with drivers and control in one box.
  • Full automatic setting of the limits.
  • Compatible With Home Automation, Smart Systems and Building Management.

The motorised rolling shutters are suitable for Industries, Commercial shops, Bungalows etc.

For more information about our motorised rolling shutters range and size specifications, contact our team.

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